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Mining geologists: China has discovered 8 new deposits!
Addtime:2016/12/24 14:29:16  Views:1715
How to find mine? With equipment is not enough, the most important thing is the human mind and perseverance. How many geological players all over the motherland mountains, in the years of field research, only to find the deposit. In recent months, the good news continuously prospecting, according to incomplete statistics, the following eight
First, Heilongjiang found 40 million tons of super large graphite ore
The day before, from Heilongjiang Province sixth address Investigation Institute of geological exploration scene from the news, in Linkou County of Mudanjiang City, Heilongjiang Province in the northwest corner of graphite ore survey found large graphite deposit, the graphite ore body stretches about 12 kilometers, the formation of 5 graphite ore belt, is expected to mineral reserves of more than 40 million tons, graphite grade is relatively stable, and large scale ore bodies, ore body has the advantages of simple structure.
Two, Shaanxi Ningqiang found white marble deposit
Good news came in Shaanxi Province Nuclear Industry Geological Bureau 214 brigade, the team and the "Ningqiang County of Shaanxi Province Yin dam area of white marble (marble) mineral resources survey project preliminary results, found two white marble (marble): 1 orebody white marble (marble) ore control to 1400 meters in length; II orebody is a blue - green marble, orebody intermittently exposed about 800 meters in length, width of about 30 meters.
It is reported that the discovery of the white marble (marble) based on the appearance of orebody, and sample testing, mainly divided into 4 types and varieties: the first one is the gray marble, exposed the width of 2 to 30 meters, to control the length of 600 meters, translucent, uneven texture, jade low degree of second kinds of gray and white; marble, exposed the width of 6 to 30 meters, to control the length of 307 meters, translucent, uniform texture, less crack, delicate jade, jade high degree; third kinds of pure white marble, exposed the width of 6 to 34 meters, to control the length of 307 meters, has uniform texture, composition of pure, no crack, no inclusions, high content of calcite; fourth pale bluish white variegated marble, exposed the width of 2 to 12 meters, to control the length of 600 meters, uneven texture, low degree of jade.
Three, Hubei found over 1 million tons of large niobium deposits
By Zhuxi County Yan Wu ditch - Hubei provincial geological prospecting fund Qingyan ditch area of polymetallic ore pre - NB survey project made a breakthrough in ore prospecting and prediction of niobium ore resources in more than 1 million tons of large scale.
The project undertaken by the Hubei geological survey, has implemented 11 probes were industrial ore bodies, ore thickness of 17.49 m ~ ~ 143.47 meters, has completed the drilling of the 1 mines see the thickness of up to 129.14 meters. In the process of project implementation, synchronous development of two bamboo area niobium ore mineral resources utilization research experiment, laying the foundation for subsequent development and utilization.
Four, Shaanxi, Hanzhoung found large graphite ore belt
The geological team in Hanzhoung Yangxian County tsubosato kiln area discovered three crystalline graphite ore belt. Ore body extends 15 km, width of about 15 meters, belonging to large deposits.
The chief engineer of Shaanxi coal geological group of 194 company Yue Zhengxi: "graphite mine industrial grade is 2.5% to 3.5%, the US (ore) reached 7%, is far higher than the minimum industrial grade requirements. So the orebody can be built into a large graphite mine after detailed investigation."
1175 tons of large silver found five, Henan
Borne by the Henan Provincial Bureau of Geology and mineral geology and Mineral Resources Survey Institute of Henan province "Xiaoshan East silver tungsten polymetallic pre investigation project has recently made significant progress in submitting census base silver polymetallic deposit in 4, is expected to be submitted to the amount of resources 1175 tons of silver, was discovered in Henan province Xiaoshan area one of the biggest silver.
The project is the 2013 annual geological exploration fund geological exploration project of Henan Province, the working cycle is June 2014 ~2016. The pre check Xiaoshan district is located in the eastern region of Henan Province, the administrative district located in Sanmenxia City, Shanxian City, Luoning county and Luoyang.
According to the person in charge of the project, the project in August 2016 and the end of the field work, completed 1: 10 thousand geological survey 50 square kilometers, 1: 10 thousand soil survey 35 square kilometers, 1: 10 thousand high precision magnetic survey of 50 square kilometers, controlled source audio frequency magnetotelluric sounding 307 points, 112 points, 5015.59 cubic meters of trenching, clean up the old underground 518 km, drilling 21, comprehensive design approval or exceed the main workload. October 14th, the project successfully passed the Henan Provincial Department of land and resources review.
Six, Henan found large gold mine can be dug for 80 years
Henan Provincial Department of land and resources in the Tongbai mountain area of Tongbai County, the old Gulf gold deep and peripheral census project, found that large gold ore, gold content of about 105 tons, can be dug for 80 years.
The discovery of the large gold deposit in the land and Resources Department of Henan province in mid September this year, experts on the Tongbai gold and silver polymetallic ore integrated exploration found. Gold mine is located in Tongbai mountain Tongbai old Gulf gold deep and peripheral, new cash resources is expected to 104 thousand and 960 kg, associated with silver resources is expected to be 122 thousand and 38 kg. In addition to the discovery of large gold mine, also found a large number of natural alkali, lead-zinc mineral resources.
Seven, Jilin found recoverable jade mine
Jilin Province in the Changbai Mountains for the first time found a hundred years of mining large jade ore, mainly composed of quartz jade and green jade Yun Ying mud. The determination of 6.5 - 7 quartz jade Mohs hardness. This is the first time in Jilin Province found high hardness jade mine, Jilin will become another jade origin.
Located in Panshi City, Jilin province rich town of this jade mine, Liaoning geological and Mineral Exploration Bureau seventh Geological Brigade confirmed as large-scale jade mine. It was the last year in the lead-zinc mine, mining accident found quartz ore, yellow, green, black and other colors, smooth surface.
Eight, Shuangyashan found 7 crystalline graphite ore
Recently, a reporter from the Heilongjiang Nonferrous Geological Prospecting Bureau, after the 2016 census, Juzhu geological exploration, a team of seven for "Heilongjiang province Shuangyashan City West Ditch graphite mine survey" project made good prospecting results, can find a super large graphite deposit.
"Shuangyashan province Heilongjiang City West Ditch graphite mine" is 2015 Census Bureau of geological exploration projects, were found in 7 crystalline graphite ore. I -1, I -2, North West to control graphite ore to extend the length of 200 meters, I -6, I -7, North West to control graphite ore to extend the length of 400 meters, the actual control level in the thickness of 60~80 meters, in addition to I No. -2 orebody pinchout showing a trend, the remaining 3 ore bodies have North West to extend the trend, at present I -1 main orebodies controlled up to 1400 meters in length, the control level of tens of meters to hundreds of meters in thickness, to further expand the scale of ore body. The preliminary estimation of graphite mineral resources more than 10 million tons, the metallogenic prospect can reach super large.