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6 geological and mineral industry standards through acceptance
Addtime:2016/12/24 14:41:01  Views:1714
The national land and resources standard geological environment Technical Committee of hydrogeology and Engineering Technical Committee (hereinafter referred to as "hydrogeology Technical Committee"), held in Beijing on the China standards review conference, the USGS Environmental Monitoring Institute compiled "groundwater monitoring network operation and maintenance norms" 6 industry standards of Geology and mineral resources the review. From the Ministry of water resources, China Earthquake Administration, China USGS, Chinese EPRI, China University of Geosciences (Beijing) and other units of the experts committee, a total of more than 30 people attended the meeting. Conference by the China Geological Environment Monitoring Institute party secretary, deputy director of the water conservancy geological sub ring Li Wenpeng chaired.
Environmental monitoring report to the general assembly of the "groundwater monitoring network operation and maintenance norms", "city", "regional geological survey specification for underground water quality monitoring network design specifications", "nested groundwater monitoring wells regulations", "construction of geological environment monitoring regulations" and "sign of groundwater monitoring system, data communication interface protocol specification" and the 6 industry the standard and main contents: one is the "groundwater monitoring network operation and maintenance norms" and other relevant standards, the provisions of the specific requirements of the whole process of the monitoring site, testing quality monitoring system, experimental data acquisition and transmission system, information management platform of groundwater monitoring network operation and maintenance, can be used as a maintenance monitoring network project operation, groundwater monitoring of our country on the basis of the "Regulations"; two is the symbol of the geological environment monitoring, the provisions of the geological environment monitoring Monitoring device, monitoring station, car mark content, specifications, requirements and encoding principle of geological environment monitoring logo, in order to regulate the geological environment monitoring symbol provides the basis for management; three is the "standard" city geological survey, geological survey, city conditions geological problem investigation, resource investigation, information system construction and comprehensive evaluation of the content, can regulate and guide the city geological survey work.
Participating experts after questioning and discussion, agreed that the preparation of 6 standard specification norms, solid foundation, based on the full, agreed to review. Subsequently, the meeting discussed the water conservancy geological review criteria recommended preliminary conclusion, the formation of a review proposal.
It is understood that the hydrogeology Technical Committee since its establishment in January 2011, held the 6 plenary meeting, review standard 24, released 15, for 9, has achieved remarkable results, effectively promote the development of land and resources of the standardization of china.