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Establishment of Sino African Cooperation Centre for Geo studies in West Africa
Addtime:2016/12/24 14:39:38  Views:1808
China Geological Survey West Africa North Africa geoscience Cooperation Research Center (hereinafter referred to as "West Africa and North Africa research center") was established and seminar held recently in Wuhan. Wang Yan, chief engineer of the Ministry of land and resources, deputy party secretary of China Geological Survey Bureau, deputy director, attended the meeting and delivered speeches on behalf of Peng Qiming. North West African Research Center affiliated units to China dispatching Bureau of Wuhan geological survey center.
Peng Qiming pointed out that the establishment of the West Africa Research Center, with the international development trend of science, sustainable development is of great significance to the service of China and the West North Africa resources and environment to promote the progress of earth sciences. He stressed that the science and technology innovation as a top priority, relying on the central platform, at the forefront of world science and technology, the demand of economy and society, to grasp the strategic direction of the development of Earth Science, and vigorously promote the exploration of deep earth; to strengthen cooperation, jointly organized by the international cooperation of science and scientific planning project, to deepen the cognition of the earth, to provide theoretical guidance and technical support for the sustainable development of human society; to major scientific and technological cooperation projects jointly participate in the International Union of Geological Sciences and other organizations, strengthen the technical standards, theory and policy and regulations and other aspects of communication, enhance common earth science research and geological survey technology.
Wang Yan fully affirmed the achievements of Sino African Cooperation in the field of geology, and said it should actively promote the common development of Sino African geological studies. He stressed that the North West African research center to "first-class academic exchange center, first-class science cooperation research center, first-class cooperative research center, first-class information exchange center and a first-class personnel exchanges and training center" as the goal to build a strong. First, we must establish a normalization of cooperation mechanisms, solid progress in international cooperation in geological survey, promote mutual benefit and win-win. Two is to further strengthen Sino African basic geological survey cooperation. Three is to actively expand the Sino African Cooperation in the field of water sector. Four is to explore the Sino African geological relics and the world geological park construction cooperation. Five is to promote the construction of China Africa geo information sharing platform. The six is to cultivate geo cooperative research team and international cooperation professionals.
At the seminar, 13 experts and scholars from China and Africa made a special report on the geological problems of Africa. From the relevant countries and African China transfer bureau subordinate units, China University of Geosciences (Wuhan), South five provinces (area) on behalf of the land and resources management departments and related geological prospecting units, mining enterprises to participate in the meeting.